Practice breath prayer as a way of resting in God’s love, being present to him, and slowing your thoughts down to let Jesus set the pace and agenda of your day. Take a few minutes to sit silently and slow your thoughts. Once you settle into a rhythm, begin to turn each breath into a prayer. One breath at a time, imagine yourself

Breathing in Love then breathing out Anger

Breathe in Joy, breathe out Sadness

Breathe in Peace, breathe out Anxiety

Breathe in Patience, breathe out Hurry

Breathe in Hope, breath out Despair

Breathe in Trust, breathe out the need to control

Breathe in Contentment, breathe out Dissatisfaction


As you sit in this breath prayer, pay attention to the ones that really resonate with you. Practice breathing and praying just one or two of them over and over again. Practice one or two throughout the day. As you feel anxious, stop for a moment and breathe in peace and breathe out anxiety to remind yourself that you are filled with the Spirit of God, who is peace.