As we move toward our Missional Communities future, we want to rediscover the value and blessedness of sharing the table together. Campus Church is taking up the challenge to share 10k meals together in the next year. We call these Missional Meals. Missional meals include, but are not limited to, family meals, intergenerational meals, and church-wide meals in which together we explore these two questions:

What are you hearing from God?

What is God asking you to do about it?

Just for fun, and as a means to keep us focused on the importance of the shared table, we are going to count these meals by logging them into the church app. But we want to do more than count. We want to share stories about what the Spirit is doing for us at the table. So, every time you host a missional meal, log onto the Campus app, enter who, what, and how many…and if you have time, tell us a little bit about what happened.