FACE TO FACE | Jun-Jul 2020

LIVING HOPE | Apr-May 2020

DENIAL | Mar-Apr 2020

Just as Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness preparing for his ministry and crucifixion, so we join Christians around the world spending the 40 days of Lent preparing to celebrate the cross event, the death and resurrection of our Lord. When Jesus prompts his disciples to, “take up their cross and follow me,” he invites them to deny the ordinary in order to embrace the good life in Jesus, everyday. During this Lent season, we will consider stories from the Gospels and pay attention to some of those choices we might face on the road to the cross.

EPIPHANY | Jan 2020

CHRISTMAS | Jan 2020

ADVENT | Dec 2019



EASTER | Apr-May 2019

LENT | Mar-Apr 2019

We ended our last series by affirming the notion within Scriptures that we do not join the work of God alone. God has invited us to participate with Him as a body, a community of faith. Together, we are the light of the world, a city on a hill. For the next six weeks, acknowledging that we are a part of a much larger community of faith, we will join our brothers around the world in contemplating the same texts together. This is the season of Lent for Christians from all different traditions. So we will center our thoughts on this time of repentance, and preparation for the death and resurrection of Jesus.

EVERY DAY | Jan - Feb 2019

MIRACLES | Nov - Dec 2018

PRESENCE | Aug - Oct 2018

This series seeks to call believers to be open to God’s abiding presence among us through His Spirit...and explores what God, through His Spirit, is doing and wants to do in our lives.

SAFE HOUSE | Jun - Jul 2018

What do you think of when you hear the words, “safe house?” I think of witness protection, or a hideout for spies, or even a home for women escaping abusive relationships. A safe house can simply be a secret place for sanctuary, a place where a person can hide from possible danger. In this series, I’d like for us to examine how a church might be a sort of safe house, a refuge for people whose lives haven’t always been perfect. I believe this was very important to Jesus. The question driving this series is: Do you think most people experiencing brokenness and failure would think of church as a safe place to find refuge?