At this time of year, when the spirit of generosity and the giving of gifts are part of how we celebrate Christmas, Campus would like to focus on being a blessing to the families living in the extended-stay hotels in our community. This year instead of a Christmas Stocking we have small bags that you can help us fill just as you would a stocking for young children.  We also need gift cards for older children and their families. In the lobby, on Sunday, December 1, you will be able to pick up a Christmas bag to take home, fill and bring back. Gift cards should be $25 or less for grocery stores, Walmart, Target or Visa gift cards. All items should be returned to the church lobby by December 15. Questions? Click the button below!


On Sunday, December 22 at 10:15 am we will be having a very special Christmas church-wide Missional Meal. On that day, in leiu of regular Bible classes, we will share a meal and discuss our two questions with a holiday focus together. This will be a special occasion, so come hungry. We will be serving a full breakfast this time! This Sunday will also be a time of Family Worship for both services, meaning that kids, 3 and older, will be joining us during worship. Activity bags will be provided by the Campus Kids team to keep your little ones engaged during the sermon. There will be childcare available for little ones, 2 and under. 


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