An adventure community starts with a community of Christians on mission with God. Guided by the Holy Spirit, these Christians share the adventure-filled good life in Jesus by cultivating community with a specific group of people. We find places where the Kingdom of God and the desires of the world intersect and we join God on mission in the world together. To watch videos of some of our awesome adventure communites, click the arrow below to scroll down to the bottom of this page!

Interested in joining an adventure community?

Campus Church wants you to live in community! We know this can be really hard for all kinds of reasons! We want to help! This form is a sign up to let us know that you are interested in being part of a small community on mission together. We promise we won't randomly assign you to a group! We will use this info to know what kind of groups we need to build and contact you about what kind of group might be a good fit for you.  




We are about becoming a meaningful community for young professionals, ages 25(ish) to 40(ish). We believe that all people become their best selves within community and no one should have to navigate the ups and downs of life alone. We know that sometimes young professionals fall through the cracks in church communities so we are building a community of people who enjoy each other. We gather for a meal on Sunday evenings, twice each month. In between those meals, we do other fun stuff together, both as a large group and in smaller groups. Everyone is welcome. Christians, used to be Christians, thinking about becoming Christian, not at all Christian...gay, straight...black, brown, white. If you’re out of college with no kids, join us!


Kids in Action is an Adventure Community for families with elementary kids to teens who desire for their kids to fall in love with serving others. In a world that tells us to get ahead and focus on what we want we tell our kids its better to focus on others and what we can do to include and help those around us. We do a service project together once a month and challenge them to serve others in their neighborhood and schools regularly. In addition to a service project we meet another time during the month to set goals, celebrate goals met, and just have fun together.  We are families who love serving and doing life together.


A diverse, multigenerational community committed to spiritual formation through the practices of contemplative prayer, communal meals, lectionary devotions and intentional rest set to the cadence of the Christian Calendar. Spiritual formation is about becoming attentive to the presence of God. The church has a long and rich tradition of methods and thought about how this can be done. In this group, we will engage some of these practices together and share the journey with one another. This community is a safe place for you whether you are brand new to some of these practices or have spent years practicing spiritual formation. It's a safe place to ask questions and rebuild faith that has changed over the years. 


The Girl Dads, United (say it like it's a soccer team) Adventure Community exists to encourage and inspire all fathers of daughters to be better fathers of daughters. We do this by regular communication via a super easy to use app, occasional coffee together on Saturday morning, and a once a year weekend together if we can swing it. We're honest, encouraging, and collaborative and we mourn together and celebrate together just like Girl Dads, who are united, should do. For more information on how to get connected with this community, email Adam Dobson- Addobson@gmail.com and Rob Browne- Rob@campuschurch.org


If you are a single parent (with kids of ANY age) or have a heart for serving single parent families, you are invited to our Adventure Community. This community is dedicated to loving, serving and building community with single parent families in all stages of life both inside and outside of the Campus Church community.


Senior Serving Seniors (SSS) is an Adventure Community for seniors (55+) who are looking for community and connection to other seniors. We build community by serving together.  We meet once a month to plan and organize the current or next project. We will constantly be looking for opportunities to serve and connect with our neighbors. In addition to service projects, we will meet another time during the month to celebrate accomplishments, and to have fun together. Seniors (55 +) are encouraged to join in!   


The “Free-birds” Adventure Community is a large group of men and women (some married, some single, some widowed…not all Campus members) who no longer or never did have kids in the house. Our general age range is somewhere between 50 and 70…but no one is brave enough to count! We gather most Sunday nights for a meal and conversation, with two primary goals in mind: to grow in love for each other, and to support each person’s mission in life. 



"Outnumbered" is a group of families who are committed to encouraging each other in the Jesus way. We are 7 families with 15 kids (8 years-old and under) between us. We deeply believe in and support each other's individual ministries. We went through Younique together as a group to help each of us identify our God given life calling so that we could best support each of our missions to partner with God. We are committed to learning and growing together. We also are committed to loving each other's children and encouraging and mentoring them to fall in love with Jesus as they grow. We are bursting at the seams with so many young children, but we want every person and family to have the experience of this type of community. We would love to share what we have learned and help others build new Adventure Communities! 


For women of any age who need community and love serving and learning together. These ladies share a passion for serving those in need and for learning and growing together. They love to share meals and laughs, study the scriptures and jump in to serve anyone with a need. For more information on how to get connected with this community, email Sheila Dunn and Carolyn Maddox. 


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