In the next ten years, we believe Campus Church has been called to....

"Train and unleash 100’s of men and women to launch 1,000’s of people on the journey of a lifetime to live the adventure-filled good life in Jesus every day.”  By leaning into this Holy Spirit inspired vision, we will lean deeper into our mission by helping people help people live the adventure-filled good life in Jesus every day. This mission and vision demands that we continually innovate and expand on our traditional models of mission, evangelism, and outreach.  This vision requires us to combine leadership, discipleship, and mission in a way that has the ability to expand beyond the walls of our current model of church and be implemented in the daily lives’ of those who are trained and unleashed from Campus Church.


In order to do this, we will need a new paradigm.  Rather than empower a few ministers to recruit volunteers to reach spectators, our approach creates a team that will invest in serving and equipping community missionaries capable of generating exponential kingdom impact through the formation of Missional Communities (MC’s) all over our city. We believe the result will revive a form of church that fully embraces mission. 


The Birth of Campus Missional Communities Team

To brighten both community/fellowship and sharing the Good News of Jesus,  Campus needs dedicated missionaries--Our Missional Communities Ministry Team.  Not to do missionary work “for” us, but to guide, teach, train, structure, and empower us to reach out in ways that match the 2020’s.


Missional Education & Initiation Support—for Leaders and for All of Us

Facilitators, servants, and ministers will constantly be refreshed and trained, in retreats, conferences, & special programs.  Plus Seed funds to help a Campus missional communities launch in ways that match their area.



Campus Train Together Advances

With Campus as a Training/Equipping center, helping believers with both the knowledge, skills, and resources to serve in groups of 20, 30 and more.


Youth and Children’s Faith-building In Missional Communities

Our Children and Teens are the future of the church.  Campus ministers and volunteers will be teaching, training, and mentoring across all our communities, and will need to the tools and resources to do it.


Church-wide Gatherings and Resources:

The body as a whole still needs that sense of community and fellowship.  Campus will provide times of memorable coming-together times, for fellowship, worship, food, and love.


Missional Communities Gatherings and Resources:

Whether next door or miles away, smaller Campus Missional Communities will find creative ways to reach out, to invite, engage, and communicate with neighbors-- from ministering to poor, to cookouts, or communications and more.


Sustaining Campus’ Meaningful Community Engagement:

Thanksgiving Meal

Each year on Thanksgiving Day from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM we host our annual Thanksgiving Community Meal. It’s a wonderful day of great food (all the traditional turkey day fixings) and great fellowship with our Campus family and our friends from the community. There are fun activities and crafts for kids. The meal and activities are free. Thousands have been served over the years!

Financial Assistance Fund

Life can be hard. We recognize that, from time to time, people at Campus have needs that we can meet. This financial assistance fund will be used to support those of us who have fallen on hard times. 

Project Kids Eat

During the summer, the Campus family and friends meet to pack and deliver lunches to kids living in the extended-stay hotels in the Norcross community. We also provide gifts and food for the kids on Christmas Eve. Each summer we will be packing and delivering lunches Monday-Friday.

Serve Together Projects

It is our desire to raise funds that will support various service initiatives as we continue to determine the needs of our community. Whether it be helping you fund a specific project in your neighborhood or us serving in new ways in our community. We want to set aside resources so we can continue to serve together.